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Dot Laser Levels

Dot Laser Level

Our Dot Laser Level line is your best choice when you want to find a level point, or points at 90 degrees between a wall, the floor and the ceiling. All Johnson dot laser levels are self leveling, so you get an accurate measurement instantly, even on uneven ground. Johnson Dot laser levels are easy to see because of the concentrated beam for all indoor construction applications. Johnson dot laser levels are available in two-beam, three-beam, and five-beam dot laser level models to meet the needs of every construction application.

DON'T FORGET - All our laser levels come with a 3-year no hassle laser level warranty and a 24-hour repair or replacement service.

Common uses for a dot laser level are setting foundations and footings, alignment of concrete forms, and layout of interior walls, electrical wiring & outlets, plumbing pipes, cabinets, countertops and MUCH more.

How to Choose a Dot Laser Level