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Bamboo Levels

Johnson Level has been making wood spirit levels (bubble levels) for over 60 years. Our wood levels have the classic look and feel our longtime loyal customers love, with the practical attributes making them excellent masonry levels, or levels for flat trade workers. Johnson wood levels have glass windows, making them resistant to mortar scratches. Of course mortar does not adhere to the wood itself, unlike the aluminum in I-Beam and Box Levels. Wood levels are also temperature change resistant, meaning they do not get hot or cold to the touch in extreme weather conditions. The vials in our wood levels have long bubble travel for measuring slope. Whether you are looking for the perfect masonry level, or just appreciate the fine look and feel of Johnson hardwood and mahogany levels, you will be purchasing a level that is “Jobsite Tough and Accurate”. Also check out our EcoTech® Wood Levels and Bamboo Levels, for an environmentally friendly level made from sustainably harvested materials.

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