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Rafter Squares & Protractors

Johnson Level Rafter Angle Squares come in your choice of die cast aluminum or high impact structural foam. Aluminum rafter squares come in 12” and 7” rafter square varieties. Johnson rafter angle squares have a dull, protective powder coat finish so they produce less glare in sunlight. CNC machined edges give our rafter squares greater accuracy. Die-cast mold formation makes rafter square graduations deep and easy to read.

The thick edge of Johnson Rafter Squares makes them useful as saw guides and for overhanging boards. Our 12” aluminum rafter square comes with built-in scribe notches and a complete rafter angle square instruction manual including rafter tables, for easy rafter angle measurement.

Johnson Structo-Cast Rafter Squares are made of durable, lightweight, high impact structural foam. Structo-Cast rafter angle squares come in a 7” rafter square and a 12” rafter square. The 12” rafter square comes with scribe notches.

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