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I-Beam Levels

Johnson I-Beam Levels are lightweight and durable, "Built Jobsite Tough" and accurate. Innovative features available on Johnson I-Beam levels include oversized, easy to read bubble vials and large and padded hand grips (Johnson was the first level manufacturer to include handgrips on I-Beam levels). For drywallers, mechanical contractors and other tradesmen who work with ferrous metals, To offer hands free operation, Johnson Magnetic I-Beam Levels feature rare earth magnets that are 5 times stronger than vinyl magnets.

Another example of Johnson Level innovation is our Structocast I-Beam Level, precision molded, with incredible accuracy built in. It floats in water, is impervious to temperature change, and has no burrs, so it won’t mar or scratch wood. Whatever your level needs are, Johnson has an I-Beam Level for you!

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