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Digital & Electronic Levels

When your measurement of level, plumb, or slope has to be 100% precise, Johnson digital levels are the way to ensure complete accuracy. With the digital level readout, there is no guessing about whether the level bubble is perfectly centered in the vial. When you are measuring slope for a wheel chair ramp, plumbing pipe, or industrial manufacturing application, Johnson digital levels and digital angle finders are the tool for the job.

Johnson digital levels and inclinometers are built “Job Site Tough”, with innovative features you won’t find on other digital angle finding products. Adding lasers to digital inclinometers lets you extend angles and easily find end points. With Glo-View® Technology, Johnson digital levels, glow in the dark for easy reading under any light source. For the best features in digital levels, digital angle finders and inclinometers, Johnson Level is the professional’s choice.

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