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  • 40-6590 Rotary System with GreenBrite® Technology
  • 40-6791 Machine Mountable Detector
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Spirit Level, Laser Levels & Construction Measuring Tool Leader

With innovative features like our GreenBrite® technology which makes Johnson laser levels 400% brighter than traditional red laser levels, Johnson Level is the clear leader in levels, lasers and all construction measuring, marking and layout tools. The industry leader for over 70 years in spirit levels (bubble levels), Johnson Level & Tool has embraced the time- and manpower-saving benefits of laser level technology, allowing our laser level customers to be more efficient and more profitable on every job they perform. Rotary laser levels can wrap a level line 360 degrees around a room within seconds, making the alignment of chair guards, cabinets, countertops, picture frames and other interior home elements a breeze. With self-leveling laser level technology, the laser level doesn’t even have to be on even ground to automatically snap a level line within seconds.

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Construction Laser Levels

Laser Levels are revolutionizing the construction industry, changing a two man job into a one man job, AND increasing speed and accuracy. Once you have dug a foundation using a laser level, installed a drop ceiling, or framed a room using a rotary laser level, you will be hooked on using laser levels for all your construction and remodeling projects! Johnson rotary laser levels, dot laser levels, straight line laser levels and other laser level products offer the most advanced laser level features and technology at a better price point than you will find from any other laser level manufacturer. For the best value on laser levels to increase your jobsite productivity, Johnson Level & Tool is the clear leader in the level industry.

Spirit Levels - Precision glow-in-the-dark bubbles

While laser levels are the wave of the future, there will always be a place for Johnson spirit levels on the jobsite. Even “old” technology is cutting edge at Johnson Level, with digital levels, digital angle locators, and our patented Glo-View® vial technology, Johnson Level innovation constantly pushes the boundaries of what levels can do. Johnson’s Glo-View Levels glow-in-the-dark, making them essential for working in areas like the underside of cabinets, above drop ceilings and inside closets, where light flow may be restricted.

Other Jobsite Measuring and Marking Technology

From T-Squares and protractors to plumb bobs, measuring wheels and jobsite flagging supplies, Johnson Level & Tool has everything you need to make your jobsite run smoothly and accurately, including a guide on how to use Johnson Level productsJohnson Level infuses the same incredible durability, quality and innovation into every product we make, from rotary laser levels to plumb bobs. When it says Johnson, it means JOB SITE TOUGH.

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