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Framing Squares

Johnson Level Framing Squares and carpenter squares are built durable and accurate, with the professional features carpenters, construction workers and other tradesmen demand. Johnson Level 16” X 24” framing squares come in heavy duty steel and rust proof aluminum, with rafter and essex board measures included on all models. Our premium aluminum framing square comes with black anodized finish with laser etched EZ read graduations.

Johnson Carpenter Squares come in steel carpenter square and aluminum carpenter square varieties, with permanently stamped numbers and graduations. Steel carpenter squares feature durable, clear epoxy anti-rust coating, and come in 16” X 24” and 8” X 12” carpenter square sizes. Aluminum carpenter squares are all 16” X 24”.

Johnson Stair Gauges/ Square Gauges attach to all standard framing square and carpenter squares for easy marking of stair stringers, and other repeated right angle measurements. For all your carpenter square/framing square needs, Johnson Level is the professional's choice.

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