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Johnson Level is recognized globally as the industry leader in levels, squares and laser levels. We are often approached by trades people and inventors with their new and innovative ideas, and sometimes these ideas become new products for us to launch through our distribution network. We welcome your new product and product enhancement suggestions, and ask you follow the steps below to submit it to us for review:

  1. Please review our online catalog and give some thought as to whether or not your new product would fit into our product lines.
  2. Please fill out our Suggestion Submission Agreement Form and attach it to your new submission. Limit all files sent to less than 10MB.


Please only submit your idea if you are comfortable with the terms outlined on the inventions page: 

  • We will not sign a non-disclosure agreement for any new product submission. 
  • You will not receive a confirmation email; however, you will be taken to a second page that confirms we have received your request.  If this page appears, this is confirmation that we have received your submission.
  • There is not an email contact associated with invention/idea submissions – all submissions MUST come through the web based form.
  • These inquiries go directly to our product development team.  We are unable to comment on the details of each submission, but if we would like to pursue your idea, our development team will contact you for next steps.  We will only reply to ideas we wish to pursue.