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Johnson Laser Level Accessories transform laser levels from cool space age gadgets to indispensible, construction business productivity tools. Basic laser level accessories like laser level tripods and laser level wall mounts and pole mounts let you easily set the height of your laser level. Advanced laser level accessories such as our machine mounted laser level detectors and laser detector remote displays bring finely calibrated laser measurement ability to bulldozers, backhoes and other heavy machinery. Adding 360 degree laser level measurement capability to your grading and excavating equipment will bring a new level of efficiency and accuracy to any construction or landscaping operation. Even set your laser level at an angle for graded surfaces, so your laser detector can tell you when your bulldozer blade is at the level of the desired slope. Other laser level accessories include standard laser level detectors and grade rods for outdoor laser level use. All laser level tripods, mounts, detectors and other laser level accessories are built with Johnson Level quality and durability, making them “JOB SITE TOUGH”. For the best laser level tripods and accessories to get the most value from your laser level, Johnson Level has what you need.