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Line Laser Levels

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Johnson Line Laser Levels are the solution when you want to mark a level plane across a wall. Our straight line laser levels project horizontal and vertical laser lines at 90 degrees to each other. With self leveling laser level technology, all Johnson line laser levels will automatically project a level laser beam, even when situated on uneven ground. If the line laser level has tilted beyond the point where self leveling can occur, visual and audible alarms will sound. With the use of a laser detector, Johnson Line Laser Levels can even be used outside. Common line laser level applications are installation of drop ceilings, drywall, sprinklers, wallpaper, light fixtures, windows and MUCH more. Johnson Level also has specialty straight line laser level products, like our Tiling and Flooring Laser Level, and our Hot Shot Laser Mouse, which can adhere to any surface while projecting a level laser line!