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Rotary Laser Levels

rotary Laser Levels

Johnson's Rotary Laser Levels represent the pinnacle of laser construction measuring and layout technology. Johnson Level & Tool indoor rotary laser levels with GreenBrite® Technology have 400% greater visibility than the red lasers used in all other rotary laser levels in this price range. Our rotary laser levels allow you to snap a level line around a room within seconds – even when the floor or building foundation is not level. For any type of interior remodeling or construction, Johnson rotary laser levels are an absolute must-have – if you want to be as productive as possible. Whether you’re framing out a room, installing a chair rail, putting in cabinets, countertops, or a drop ceiling, once you’ve used a rotary laser level from Johnson Level, you’ll never go back to working without one.

DON'T FORGET - All our laser levels come with a 3-year no hassle laser level warranty and a 24-hour repair or replacement service.

Johnson outdoor rotary laser levels are essential for all foundation leveling, landscaping and grading work. When combined with our machine mounted, 360 degree laser detectors and laser detector remote displays, your bulldozer or backhoe operator will be able to tell how far the blade is from the level or slope you've set with your rotary laser level. Johnson also has variable speed rotary laser levels which are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use (when combined with laser detector). For the best value on the best rotary laser level features and technology, Johnson Level is the only choice!

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