How to Choose Dot Laser Levels / Plumb Laser Levels

This article will help you determine if a dot laser level fits your needs. Dot lasers levels, also known as plumb laser levels, project laser dots either vertically, horizontally or at right angles allowing the user to establish plumb lines or right angles.

Common End User Applications


1. Contractors

  • Setting foundations and footings
  • Alignment of concrete forms
  • Layout of interior walls
  • Room additions/Partition installation
  • Install sprinkler systems
  • HVAC
  • Plumbing and pipe installation
  • Machinery installation

2. Electricians

  • Electrical outlets and switches
  • Install conduit & wiring
  • Track and Canned lighting

3. Masons

  • Align Brick
  • Square up Batter Boards

4. Fencers

  • Align fences, plumb posts & pickets

5. Finish Carpenters

  • Align 90° joints and edges
  • Level cabinets, shelving & countertops

Johnson Level’s how-to guide on levels and tools for other how-to instructions. 

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