Choosing A Line Laser Levels for Outdoor and Indoor Use

This article will help you determine if an indoor line laser level will fit your needs. Line Lasers project lines either vertical, horizontal or vertically and horizontally simultaneously.  All line laser levels are self-leveling and higher quality line laser levels will have a locking compensator, so the inner workings of the laser will not fall out of calibration during transport of if the laser level is dropped.  All Johnson line laser levels have locking compensator systems built-in.

Models Recommended for Outdoor and Indoor Use

40-6674 Self-Leveling 3x360° Laser with GreenBrite® Technology

Product: 40-6662 Johnson Level 40-6674 Self-Leveling Laser

40-6681 JLX® Self-Leveling 180° Cross-Line Laser with GreenBrite® Technology

Product: 40-6602 Johnson Level 40-6681 Cross-Line Laser

Key Features

  • Self-leveling with transportation lock
  • Pulse feature allows these lasers to be used outside with a detector
  • Detector sold separately
  • Projects multiple chalk lines

Common End User Applications 

1. Contractors

  • Drop ceilings
  • Drywall installation
  • Sprinkler installation
  • HVAC
  • Ceiling joist & rafter alignment
  • Wallpaper & Stenciling/Painting
  • Tiling (walls and floors)

2. Electricians

  • Electrical outlets and switches
  • Install conduit & wiring
  • Track lighting

3. Glaziers

  • Curtain walls / Shower Doors,
  • Windows

4. Finish Carpenters

  • Cabinet & counter top alignment
  • Soffits
  • Chair rail / Trim
  • Closet shelves / doors
  • Paneling / Wainscoting

PLUS, these outdoor and indoor line laser levels can be used for all rotating applications bot inside and outside (due to the pulsating beam mode)

5. Construction Contractors

  • Leveling
  • Checking cut and fill
  • Setting foundations & footings
  • Concrete pours
  • Septic tanks and basement excavations
  • Acoustical ceiling & drywall

6. Builders

  • Align & plumb walls
  • Metal stud and wood framers

7. Deck Builders

  • Leveling deck floors
  • Establish diagonals & footings for decks/patios

8. Farmers

  • Contour farming, drainage

9. Landscapers

  • Terracing & retaining walls


Accessories Model#
Heavy-Duty Aluminum Tripod 40-6340

For information outdoor laser levels, see the how-to guide on using laser levels outside.

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