Johnson Level - Laser Distance Measure Quick Guide Demonstration Johnson Level & Tool, leader in spirit levels and laser levels, has expanded its measuring tool category with the introduction of a Laser Distance Measure which compliments their power tape measures, long tapes and measuring wheels.Laser Distance Measure #40-6001 compliments measuring tools category with tape measures, long tapes and measuring wheels
The new 40-6001 is accurate to 1/16th of an inch over a distance of 165 feet. Features include a patented sound activated measuring mode; 10 measurement memory; indirect (Pythagoras) measurement capability for length and height; and single distance, area (square) and volume (cube) measurements, all with a large backlit LCD screen and a compact size. Designed to work indoors and outdoors, the new Laser Distance Measure is ideal for carpenters, framers, flooring, plumbers, electricians, HVAC, appraisers, painters and MRO.