Making Money Selling Free Software: ActionXL Teams with Johnson Level

Making Money Selling Free Software

ActionXL Teams with Johnson Level to Create a New Sales Opportunities for Software Developers

Ithaca, NY - March 16, 2010 - How do you sell free software? The answer to that question for hundreds of developers has been in-game advertising, those annoying, scrolling ads at the bottom of your "free" cell phone game. ActionXL, a video game and application developer in Ithaca New York, has teamed up with Johnson Level & Tool in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, to change that in a way that has benefited both companies.

"By branding our free Bubble Level application with the Johnson Level logo, and duplicating the look and feel of Johnson Level's new web site on the opening screen, we were able to increase the user's awareness of the Johnson Level name, while maintaining the integrity of the application," says Jay O'Leary, President of ActionXL.

In addition to introducing the user to the Johnson Level name each time they start Bubble Level, the opening screen also provides a link to the Johnson Level on-line store. By entering the promo code "ACTIONXL", the user gets a discount on the featured tool, and ActionXL earns a commission on the sale. O'Leary says, "This is a win-win situation for everyone. Johnson Level has a new sales tool for their products, the user has a free application without the constantly scrolling advertisements, and ActionXL receives an initial fee for its application, plus recurring revenue on subsequent tool sales."

ActionXL is working on several new applications using the same branding model, and plans to make its previous titles available to other companies interested in selling products through the ever growing cell phone marketplace. "There is a tremendous opportunity here for both developers and sponsors", says O'Leary. "There is a lot of room for growth."

About ActionXL

ActionXL is a game and application developer located in the Cornell Business and Technology Park, in Ithaca New York. They specialize in creating accelerometer based games and applications, and have published 16 titles for Windows PC and Android.

About Johnson Level & Tool

Johnson Level & Tool Mfg. Co., Inc. is a leading manufacturer and marketer of "job site tough" professional quality spirit levels, laser levels and other construction measuring tools. The company's global customer base includes contractor supply outlets, hardware distributors and major retail chains. /