1806-0025 Tape Measure

Product Review:

Since this tape measure is just slightly larger than the rest of its predecessors, it remains to be that it is going to be slightly heavier than the other models. This particular model 1806 only weighs 15 ounces and has a large easy to use black locking button. The blade is 1-1/16" wide and 3-3/16" high and 3-3/8" from the front to the back, this is also only 1 ¾" from to side. 
Just like all of the other styles that Johnson offers this has the patented "Tiger claw" blade hook end and nylon coated blade, with double sided measurements. This blade is not shiny like the other brands because of the nylon coating which will help prevent against nicks and abrasive marks.  There is a magnet at the end to help with one handed operations. In addition to the magnet there is an extra hook that faces upward to allow you to hook the blade from the top or sides.

Unlike all of the other manufacturers of tape measures, this tape measure has a rubber coating that covers the entire outer shell of the tape measure and will allow you to drop it from just about any height and not worry about it getting damaged. The built-in magnet at the end of the blade, will allow you to do inner and outer measurements with ease. Since, there is four stainless steel rivets to hold the blade hook in place, three of them loosely and one solid will make it easier for this type of measurements.