1501-4800 Magnetic BIG J Aluminum Level

Note from Johnson Level:

The following review on the 1501-4800 Magnetic BIG J Aluminum Level described the quality that Johnson Level builds into every one of our tools.  The different features that allows our tools to be user-friendly and more simple to use are also described in detail.  This review and an informational video can be viewed in its original form by clicking here

Johnson Big J Level1 300x180 Johnson Level Big J Series   Review

One thing I am proud to say is my Johnson is a 48".  I love showing it off and want to talk about my 48" Johnson today.  It's very easy to handle and I can even stick it to metal surfaces, pretty cool.  Johnson makes some of the best levels around and they have a tradition of quality.  Today we are going to talk about the Johnson 48" level which is part of their Big J 1501 series.  As a side note these also come in a 24" and 78" which makes it perfect for just about any application.

Johnson Big J Level2 300x267 Johnson Level Big J Series   Review

Having a level is key to complete certain jobs, but having a quality level is, well that's a must.  Johnson has a long history of making quality levels and this Big J 1501-4800 48" is no different.  Johnson started by using an Oversize aluminum frame which makes it easy to handle and lightweight.  The machined working edges are perfect for assuring maximum accuracy. 

There is also an oversized top window read for easy viewing.   On each end of the level, there are oversized anti-slip and anti shock end caps to help protect the frame.  These are fitted and will stay in place, even in the event of a likely drop or hit to the end of the level.  One side of the level has a powerful rare earth magnet side which is great for certain applications.  The magnet are very strong so once the magnet is in place, even if bumped, the level will stay in place.  We do like the fact the magnet is only on one side as there are times you will need to use the Johnson Big J Level3 297x300 Johnson Level Big J Series   Reviewmagnetic side such as over head use.  Then there are other times when you just want to check your work and slide the level around without having to fight the magnet.  So this gives the user the best of both worlds.

There are three ½" vials in the 48" level which all have Surroundview technology for easy reading.  The vials are a nice contrast to the white background and show up great.  The vials are protected by a cover to help prevent breakage of vials.  The quik-Change replaceable cover plates and vial are great which means you can replace them even in the field and do not need to take them in to be replaced.  In between each vial are two oversized rubber grips, which is a perfect handle for someone with gloves to get a grip.  Even if you have sweaty hands, the rubber grips help prevent sliding of the hands and great accuracy.


Johnson is a name you can trust, they have been around for a long time and have a great history.  The Big J 1501 is a great level that is built for the professional.  The vials are large and with the surroundview, they are very easy to read.  The Magnetic side is a nice feature.  Overall this is a great buy and a level any professional should have in the arsenal of tools.