Johnson Level Johnny Square 1941-0700 – Tool Review

Johnson Level Johnny Square 1941-0700

I’ve had a small square very similar to this one hanging on my pegboard for a long time now. As soon as this one arrived, the other got tossed in the garbage. OK, in all honesty, I gave it away, but throwing it out sounds more dramatic and I wanted to make a point. This new 7″ Johnny Square from Johnson Level rocks!

Sure, it can be used as a saw guide, as most others can. It’s also perfect for marking 90s and 45s on 2x4s and 2x6s. But this new design has some great features that I’ve not seen.

1) Scribing Notches

How handy is this? No more drifting pencil marks as you try to hold the lead against the leading edge of the square. A very simple idea, but one that makes a world of difference. Thank you.

And the piece de resistance…(that’s French I think)

2) A Bottle Opener

Yup, totally unadvertised on the packaging, but now you know. Of course, the upstanding citizens at Johnson Level suggest that you put this feature to use off the job, but who’s to say you’re not opening a refreshing soft drink in the middle of the day? Kudos, guys – you’ve outdone yourselves on this.

Naturally, the Johnson Level Johnny Square can perform all of the rafter measuring and marking tasks that it’s become known for, but that all seems so unimportant after the addition of the bottle opener, doesn’t it?

You’ll also find the terrific Johnson Level manual inside the package, detailing the right way to use the Johnny Square, but it just seems like so much math. 

And even though it would seem the best part of the Johnny Square is the integrated bottle opener, the marketing one-sheet that accompanied our tool really has an even better message to convey.

Buy several today.