Johnson Laser Distance Measure 40-6004 Review – Beam One Up, Scotty

Sometimes it’s hard to get excited about a tool when it’s, say, a hammer. Don’t get me wrong, hammers are great – but you don’t exactly walk around showing it off. (Or maybe you do. There are a lot of, uh, interesting people out there.) But when a tool points lasers and has an LED screen and computes numbers, it’s a totally different story and level of excitement. And that’s why I’m happy to provide you with this review of the Johnson Measure Laser 40-6004, because it is so much cooler than a hammer. (Again, no offense to you hammer weirdos enthusiasts out there.)

Without a doubt, the Johnson Measure Laser 40-6004 is a tool, but it’s also a toy. A neat, neat toy. Sure, you could use a measuring tape to find out the distance from point A to point B, but why would you? That’s like playing music on a Sony Walkman when you have an iPod Touch at your disposal. If you take the occasional measurement and enjoy DIY around the house, the Johnson Measure Laser is a splurge, but if you take measurements frequently – such as an appraiser, inspector, or a professional in fields like house painting, contracting, and other jobs where estimating spaces and areas are an everyday occurrence – the Johnson Measure Laser is a definite time-saver, and dare I say – a must.

Here’s How the Johnson Laser Distance Measure Works

The gadget is simple: you turn it on, a laser emits from it, and you can measure the distance of that beam. Simply place the Johnson Measure Laser at a chosen spot, point the laser to the distance you want measured, and press the measure button. You’ll hear a few clicks and a measurement is displayed on the screen. With the touch of a button, you can select to see this measurement in inches, feet, or get your metric on in meters. There are other versions of the Johnson Measure Laser that are activated by clapping your hands (Clap on. *Clap Clap* Clap off. *Clap Clap* Clap on, Clap off … THE CLAPPER), but this isn’t it. (I just wanted an excuse to sing that jingle.) That doesn’t make the 40-6004 any less easy to use.