1707-4800 Glo-View Heavy Duty Aluminum Box Level

Note from Johnson Level: 

In this detailed review by Harold Therault, he explains many features of this level that Johnson has worked hard on providing to the user.  The Glo-View technology we have added to this level is useful when the lighting is dim and a little added light is needed.  We made this level "Job Site Tough" by adding large rubberized hand grips and a reinforced aerospace aluminum alloy frame.  The anti-slip and anti-shock end caps and precision milled edges protect the level when dropped or handled around the job site.  This review was done by Harold Therault and can be viewed in its original form at lunch.com

Product Review:  

This review is for the #1707-4800 48" Glo-View Heavy Duty Aluminum Box Level by Johnson Level & Tool, manufacturer of spirit levels, laser levels and construction squares and measuring tools.  What is yellow and helps keeps things smooth and you can see through it? Well, if you said Johnson & Johnson baby wash you would be wrong, but, if you said Johnson Levels you'd be right at least about this. If you have the extra money, it would behoove you to invest in a top of the line level of this type. You can find it at many hardware stores and online for around $50.00. This level will not be like all of the levels out in the market today, but it is always nice to have a good old fashioned box level at your beckon. With the move that this company has made with the adaptation of the special affects of the "Glow-View" areas located around each of the bubble levels, makes for easier sight and assures better accuracy.


This 48" box level is made of lightweight aluminum and has a Aerospace aluminum alloy frame. Unlike other box levels that has just smooth and flat edge, this one has a precision milled gauging edge and two rubber "Power Gripz" to help you hold onto the level while you are using it. There are three patented "Glow-in-the-Dark" Vial Systems that are located at each end and sealed, plus on located in the center which is in an open section of the level.

The center bubble level is domed shaped for better visibility up to 360°, and the ends on this particular level has 1 ¼" of protection attached to both ends of the level. This Box Level by Johnson Level, is only 2 pounds and 11 ounces, a little bit more than a regular one from Sears. This measures 2 13/16" in height x 1 3/16" thick x 48" in length. The usual ones that are from Sears are only 2 ¼" x 1" x48" and are 2.4 pounds. This level by Johnson Level is a lot heavier duty than the other ones but do not weigh a whole lot more.


I have been using Sears tools for just about my whole entire life, that is until I stumbled across the Johnson Level brand. This level by Johnson is a lot stronger and more durable, plus they have a lifetime warranty. I have stepped on this and tripped over it because I was not paying attention to where I was walking. When I kicked it over I was worried about the glass vials breaking but they did not even get scratch.  At the factory they do a 10' drop test, which is usually more than enough to test this at. If you happen to use this on a roofing job, just be careful because it may be your luck and slide off of the roof. 

But, that is where Johnson stands above the rest and because of its modern day technology, Johnson Level has become one of the industries leaders in this area. When I start a project, the first thing that I grab is my head and ask my wife how long is this honey do list anyway. Every time I look at it, it seems to be growing. But anyway, my daughter is my little helper and she loves learning. This level is easy enough to read that my 10 year old daughter can read it and I can trust that it is accurate. This is light enough for her to handle and durable enough to take some banging around from a 10 year old. Even though it is about as tall as she is, she handles it well. It did not take me long to teach her to read this level with the large sight glasses that are on this level. The really nice ability that this has to "Glow-in-the-Dark", makes this fun for my daughter.

For me, since I am not getting any younger, things seem to get harder to read and the clarity of the bubble, but with the lines that are easier to see, and with the slightly larger sight glasses and the "Glow-in-the-Dark" options make this the more superior level. I have been using this Johnson Level for a little while now and have all but put away my Sears 48" level, my Sears level now stands in the corner just like the broom in the Swiffer commercial collecting dust.

This Johnson Level helps when needing a straight edge when hanging or cutting drywall, for dependability and accuracy. This is especially nice when installing a lot of plumbing or post for a fence, in conjunction with the Johnson laser levels this level will make sure that everything is true and your project looks professionally done when you are finished. The smaller torpedo levels are nice but when you have larger and longer items to put up you will need something that is a lot more accurate than a torpedo level. If you are a little bit off, a torpedo level will not show it, but if you use the larger and longer 48" level, it is more sensitive than the smaller levels and will a more accurate reading.


This level by Johnson Level comes with a lifetime warranty on accuracy, unless you abuse it. The Johnson Level company does a drop test on its levels to insure that it can take at least a little bit of a beating on the job. If you were to drop this and it were to break, all you would have to do is call the customer service department and they will be happy to help you. From personal experience this company is very accommodating, when it comes to keeping their customers happy. They usually try and help you out no matter how the product gets damaged.


I have been using this level for a while now and have had a lot of success with this model over the other ones. The cost may be a little bit more but, you get what you pay for. In this instance, I would much rather pay a little bit more and have my job done right and look right and know that the job that I had just done is level and true, rather than my job be off by a ¼" and it would look inferior. It may look okay to someone else, but if I knew it was off by a ¼" that would bug the heck out of me. So, I would rather pay the little bit of extra money and get the more superior level and be sure and happy with the results that I get from my tools. There have been times that these will get banged around quite a bit, but with this level being just a bit larger and heavier duty, it can take it. Five stars for this level.