Video: How to Use a Rotary Laser Level to Frame a Window

This video is an outdoor application of the 40-6522 electronic self-leveling horizontal rotary laser level on a construction jobsite for establishing a horizontal and vertical plane to frame in a window.  The 40-6522 laser level can also be used indoors with similar applications for interior framing projects.


Hello my name is Dave Statza and I'm with Johnson Level & Tool.  Today, we're demonstrating the exterior applications for the Johnson 40-6522 electronic self-leveling laser level.

Now, the 40-6522 self-leveling laser level is self-leveling both horizontally and vertical.  A built-in vertical bracket is included on the laser for vertical applications.  Simply, set the laser down on its side, use the leveling screws to level up the laser to its rough leveling distance and then power on the laser.  The laser level will electronically self-level itself vertically and then start rotating.

For exterior applications a detector or receiver is required to see the beam.  Once the laser is level, the detector will detect the beam on both sides of the laser and above the laser level.  It has a 2,000 foot range and an accuracy of 1/16" of an inch at 100 feet.

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