Story Poles

Story Pole

A story pole, is the simplest type of leveling rod. Story poles are constructed as needed on job sites and simply consist of only the measurements that are needed for the job. Story poles should be constructed of a sturdy material such as lumber and construction netting; they should also be braced for the safety of workers.

To establish the required elevation measurements, the instrument needs to be set up and leveled. After the instrument is leveled, it can be marked for the height of instrument. The height of instrument is the elevation of the horizontal crosshair found through the leveling instrument being used. It is important to hold the story pole plumb on the benchmark while the operator indicates which point is exactly at the horizontal crosshair.

After establishing the height of instrument on the story pole, other important measurements should be recorded on the pole as well. Any elevations that are above the benchmark need to be recorded at the correct point below the height of instrument. Any elevations that are below the benchmark need to be recorded at the correct point above the height of instrument.

Story poles can be moved and re-used on the job sites. When this occurs, the story pole must be re-marked to depict the new height of instrument. It is important for the new height of instrument to correspond exactly with the horizontal crosshair on the leveling instrument being used when the story pole is held on the new benchmark.

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