Spirit Level Product Applications in the Medical Field

Spirit (bubble) levels have applications in just about every field where something is built or constructed, including the medical field. Below is a look inside of an x-ray computed tomography scanner (a ‘CT scanner’). Specifically, the machine’s level is being tested with a Johnson box level.

CT scanners are used in medicine in order to diagnose at the highest level of precision. A CT scan can be used to help find hidden evidence many afflictions, diseases and injuries, including tumors, bone trauma and potential coronary artery disease. The procedure, called digital geometry processing, involves rendering a three-dimensional model of the inside of an object from a series of two-dimensional x-ray images taken by the CT scanner. Such a complicated device requires the most accurate construction in order to properly function, including being perfectly level. To ensure the highest quality workmanship of such an expensive machine, a spirit level from Johnson Level was chosen.

A Johnson Level box level is used to ensure the construction accuracy of a CT scanner.