Replacing Spirit Level Vials

Acrylic Bubble Level VialTypically, I-beam levels have vials that are snapped into the frame. If the this type of level vial needs replacing, it can be done easily and with the same accuracy as when the level was new by simply removing the old vial and replacing it with a new one.

For I-beam levels, this procedure will generally work to replace a spirit level vial:

  1. If present, remove the vial cover. This can be done by unscrewing the vial cover or, in the case of a Quik-Change vial, by locating the slot in the vial cover that has a plastic "tab" inside. For Quik-Change vials, insert a slotted screwdriver and carefully push the tab to release it.
  2. Repeat this procedure on the opposite side of the vial assembly.
  3. Replace vial
  4. Snap or screw the covers back together.

Level vials in mounting baseThis procedure will not work for solid acyrlic block vials. Block vials are electronically or robotically set into the "level" position based on the level's accuracy requirements. Replacing a block vial is technically possible, but nearly impossible to do manually to achieve the same level of accuracy as new.

If you need more information on using proper use, visit Johnson Level’s guide of how-to's for tools and levels.