Q&A on Laser Levels

Q: Where can I get my Johnson laser level serviced when it is out of warranty?

A: Please click the link for Service Centers under Support in the main menu for a complete list of Authorized Non-Warranty Repair Centers.

Q: Does the Johnson Level & Tool limited warranty apply to items purchased on on-line auction sites such as e-Bay?

A: No. Our warranty states "Seller extends the following limited warranty to the initial purchaser and first end-user only..." We consider anything sold on auction web sites as used equipment, therefore the warranty does not apply.

Q: Can I use a laser level detector to pick up a plumb-up beam, a plumb-down beam or laser level points?

A: Electronic laser detectors are looking for a laser point that flashes across their photocells and will not respond to a stationary laser point. That is why they can be set off by a flashing strobe or emergency beacon. Even if the detector could pick up a stationary beam, a point would be extremely difficult to find at any substantial distance from the laser level unit.

Q: Can I use a visible laser level outdoors without a detector?

A: A rotary laser level will need to be used with a detector outdoors in the sunlight. Federal safety regulations do not permit a beam powerful enough to be visible when rotating in sunlight to be used in construction laser levels. If you stop the rotating beam and shine it onto a shaded target, however, you can use it as a reference... but this is usually not very convenient.

Q: Can the laser light hurt my eyes?

A: laser levels should be set so they are not flashing in anyone’s eyes because the light is very bright. Having the beam flash in one’s eyes occasionally will not do any damage, but will be irritating in the same fashion as a camera flash. Staring into the beams (prolonged exposure), however, is not recommended. The maximum power output for any construction laser level is less than 5 milliwatts. A milliwatt is one thousandth of a watt.

Q: How often should my laser level be calibrated?

A: We suggest checking calibration regularly, at least every 6 months, or immediately if the unit has been treated roughly. laser levels should be calibrated when they are not shooting their specified accuracy.

Q: What kind of tripod do I need for my laser level?

A: Johnson Level laser levels fit tripods with a 5/8" – 11 thread. Dome or flat head tripods can be used. A flat head tripod will allow the user to check calibration out in the field

Q: What happens if my laser level is rained upon?

A: Johnson Level laser levels are water and dust resistant. Be sure to dry the laser level off before it is stored.

Q: Where can I get my laser levels serviced?

A: Check our Web site or call Johnson Level Customer Service at 1-888-9-LEVELS (888-953-8357) for a service center location near you.

Q: Where can I find the laser level's serial number?

A: Serial number placement varies depending on the model of laser level that you have. In most cases, it is located on the underside of the unit. For models 40-6164 and 40-6174 it is on the side.

Q: How do I properly change out the NiMH batteries in my laser level?

A:  When you charge the new battery, or one which has not been used for long periods of time, it may not reach full charge until after you have discharged it fully in use and recharge it several times.

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