Post Level

A post level is, simply put, a spirit level that finds both level and plumb in a post or other type of 2x4. It has a simple, easy to use design: two-sided molded plastic forming a 90° angle, a height of 5.5 inches and 3.5 inch width on each side, and three spirit level vials. The inside edge of the 90° prevents the material from pushing the post level away or out of whack.

    Post Level from Johnson Level

This level can be used to quickly erect straight posts for a deck or align ceiling joists for rafters.  If you need some background on how to use a spirit level, visit our spirit level information page.

How to Use a Post Level

  1. Attach the post level to the material you are working with using the rubber band. It should fit tight around the material to ensure proper readings.
  2. When the material is plumb with the ground, the bubbles in the horizontal vials will be centered inside the lines.
  3. When the material is level, the bubble inside the vertical vial will be centered inside the lines.


Visit Johnson Level’s how-to guide for more how-to information regarding proper tool use.