Johnson Level – Now Made of Grass

Johnson Level sent us their fastest growing level for a review. By “fastest growing”, I don’t necessarily mean market share. I’m talking literally here. Johnson has a new line of levels made out of bamboo (which, by the way, is technically a grass and grows insanely fast). We checked out the 24″ version of the 1601 Eco-Tech series bamboo levels, and they also make a four foot version.  


The Johnson Eco-Tech Bamboo level features solid block acrylic vials which Johnson assures us will never fog, leak, or implode into a space-time warping black hole. Actually, they didn’t really mention the black hole, so I guess that means it’s a chance you’re going to have to take. The vials and surrounds provide very good visibility. The center vial also features a top view window which is handy if you’re working on a low surface and getting a view of the vial from the side isn’t convenient. It’s especially handy for floor work, unless you prefer to wallow around on the ground trying to get a good view of the vial.



Sexy carved handles beg to be gripped

The level has a solid feel thanks to the dense laminated bamboo in the frame. Bamboo is known for its strength, so it makes sense for a level material. Far more desirable than a balsa wood level, that’s for sure. Johnson went all out with rounding two handle holes right through the bamboo. The cutouts are so beautifully rounded, you won’t be able to resist holding them. You’ll be tempted to curl them and say things like, “Who’s coming to the gun show?”