Johnson EZ Read™ Measuring & Layout Tools

Johnson Level and Tool has always made quality tools using high-end materials and manufacturing processes. Now with their EZ Read™ line they are making use of the properties of contrast to make commonly used layout tools easier to read in the wide variety of lighting conditions we find ourselves working in.

Johnson Level and Tool took several of their most popular layout tools and combined the high quality base metals with EZ Read™ permanently thermal bonded numbers and graduations. Those white numbers contrast with the black low-glare, anti-rust coating that protects the metal. The 24" x 2" body, 16" x 1-1/2" tongue, 1/8" thick framing Square (CS9) pictured in this review features EZ Read™ permanent thermal bonded numbers and 1/8", 1/10", 1/12", 1/16" graduations along with rafter and Essex Board measures. The 7" Aluminum Rafter Angle Square (Model: 1904-0700) also shown in this review features an aluminum body that is CNC machined before the coating and contrasting numbers are applied.

Johnson Level and Tool offers several tools with the EZ Read™ graphics. Their 8" x 12" Professional Easy-Read Steel Carpenter Square (Model: CS10), the 48" Easy-Read Professional Aluminum Drywall T-Square (Model: JTS48-K), Easy-Read Heavy Duty Aluminum Straight Edge (Model: J48-K; J72-K) and their 24" x 2" body, 16" x 1-1/2" tongue, 1/8" thick (Model: CS9) all feature the EZ Read™ system.

I have already reviewed several Johnson Level and Tool products so we need not go over their quality and accuracy as that has remained unchanged. This new EZ Read™ is a good idea that Johnson Level and Tool once again execute right. I frankly don’t know why layout tools like this are not all black with white lettering now that I have used this contrast in my shop. However I do suspect that we will see a bunch of competitors’ tools showing up with similar color schemes before long. Copying is one thing, doing it right with the non-glare coating and the overall toughness of the lettering and color is a whole different ball game.

If you use layout tools you need to check out Johnson Level and Tools EZ Read™ line. Whether you make a living with your tools, fix things around the house or have a serious woodworking hobby easy to read tools just makes sense and will make you a bit more accurate in the process.