How to Choose a Laser Distance Measure

This article will help you better understand laser distance measuring. For jobs where you could use a tape measure, a laser distance measurer can be faster and just as accurate. Press a button to read and record all measurements accurate + 1/6" up to 165 ft.

Models Recommended for Indoor Use

40-6001 Laser Distance Measuring Tool

Product: 40-6001MoreImages/40-6001-3.jpg

Key Features

  • Features large LCD screen
  • Sound activated measuring mode
  • Direct and indirect measures
  • Stores up to 10 measurements
  • Automatic shut-off
  • Dust and water resistant

Common End User Applications

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MoreImages/40-6001-APPD-2point.jpg MoreImages/40-6001-APPD-3point.jpg

MoreImages/40-6001-APPD-3pointpartial.jpg MoreImages/40-6001-APPD-area.jpg



Accessories Model#
Dual Purpose Aluminum Tripod 40-6861

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