Drywall T-Square

A T-square is a tool used in technical drawing, primarily as a guide for drawing straight horizontal lines on a drafting table. It can also be used in conjunction with a set square to draw vertical and angled lines. Its name is derived from its resemblance to the letter ‘T’.  A drywall T-square is a T-square designed to cut drywall or other plasterboard. A drywall T-square is usually larger than a regular T-square because the material worked with is larger than drafting paper. A T-square of either type has two parts. The ‘blade’ is the longer shaft, and the shorter shaft is the ‘stock’ or the ‘head.’ A T-square can be made of wood, plastic or metal.

Drywall T-Square

How to Use a Drywall T-Square

  1. Set up the square of the plasterboard by aligning the stock with the edge of the material. The blade will run down the surface.
  2. Measure where you want to cut and mark it using the hash marks along the blade.
  3. Holding the T-square securely, use the blade as a straight edge to cut the material along your mark.


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