Choosing an Outdoor Rotary Laser Level

This article will help you determine if an outdoor rotary laser level is the right choice for your needs. Rotary lasers levels project a beam of light 360° allowing the user to establish a horizontal or vertical plane.


Common End User Applications


1. Construction Contractors

  • Site preparation, establishing grades, excavating
  • Landscaping - terracing & retaining walls
  • Rough & Fine grading
  • Digging basements
  • Setting foundation & footers
  • Retention ponds & septic tanks

2. Concrete contractors

  • Controlling concrete pours
  • Alignment & plumb of concrete forms

3. Deck Builders

  • Leveling deck floors
  • Establish diagonals & footings for decks/patios

4. Farmers

  • Contour farming, drainage

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