Johnson Level Introduces Stud-Squared Power Tape

Stud-Squared Power TapeMEQUON WI, August 15, 2011 --Johnson Level & Tool, leader in spirit levels and laser levels, has expanded its measuring tool category with the introduction of the patented Stud-Squared™ Power Tape. The Stud-Squared™ Power Tape is a combination tape measure, square and layout tool.

The new 1812-0025 Stud-Squared™ Power Tape features a 25-foot tape measure within a 1.5” x 3” x 3.5” housing to match common framing dimensions. Built into the case are two slide out Extender Guides™ for marking and squaring wide boards. Centering V-notches also allow the user to layout single and double frames, 2”x4” wall partitions and double microlams. And a grommet hole at the 1” mark fits a nail to easily draw an accurate radius.

“The Stud-Squared™ Power Tape was designed to combine several tools and measurements into one easy-to-use tool that fits into a pouch the same as a regular tape measure, allowing the user to be more efficient and productive,” said John Dwyer, Vice President of Sales & Marketing.

The Stud-Squared™ Power Tape is one of 11 different styles of tape measures and long tapes offered by Johnson Level. Other tape measures include features such as a four rivet blade hook with rare earth magnetic tip, an Auto-Lock™ self-locking blade, the Speed-Read™ fractional graduation blade and the PlanReader® architect scale printed on the blade for use with 1/8” and 3/8” scale plans.