Green Industrial Alignment Dot Laser w/110V AC

Green Industrial Alignment Dot Laser w/110V AC

Model: 40-6224

40-6224 Features:

  • Laser beam is aligned to be concentric with the outside diameter of the brass housing. This allows the installer to use the outside of the case for centering and positioning the beam.
  • Projects a vertical and horizontal laser chalk line 
  • Solid brass industrial grade housing protects laser diode - won't rust or spark
  • Solid glass optics are designed for harsh work environments
  • Wedge internal prisms steer beam and maintain beam alignment for impact resistance
  • "O"ring seal - water and oil proof to IP67 standards
  • Beam-on indicator verifies unit is working from a distance
  • Accessory parts available include Mounting Bracket (40-6229), Aperture Pack (40-6226) and 70 Degree Fan Angle Line Generator Lens (40-6228)

 Includes > Green industrial alignment dot laser with 110V AC adapter, instruction manual with warranty card

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Optional Accessories:

Aperture Pack Model #40-6226

Our exclusive Solid Brass Aperture Pack works with all three Dot Laser Modules.  These pre-threaded accessories screw directly into the pre-threaded Alignment Laser housing allowing the user to lower the laser beam intensity while reshaping the beam to 1/16", 3/32" or 1/8" Diameters.

Line Generator Optic Model # 40-6228

Industrial Alignment Laser Dots can be further accessorized with the 40-6228 Line Generator Optic to create a line with a fan angle of 70º

Fan Angle

Measured at 18" from the end of the laser

Line Gen. Assembly

70° divergence

Produces a 25" long line

2 mm Radius

Mounting Bracket #40-6229

 Easy installation bracket for Industrial Alignment Laser Dots.  Includes ¾" diameter mounting block and "L" bracket.  Designed to position the laser beam to the desired location. 

Laser Wavelength

635nm (Red), 532 nm (Green)

Laser Classification

Class IIIa

Maximum Power Output



Glass Collimating Lens and Wedge Prisms

Beam Divergance

Less than .4 mrad

Concentric beam alignment to case O.D.


IP Protection Class

IP67 (1m for 10 seconds)


3.25"L x.75" dia.

Operating Temperature Range Red:

-10°C to +50°C

Operating Temperature Range Green:

+10° C to +30° C

The 40-6224 industrial laser can be used for the following indoor applications:

  • Centering parts on equipment - riveters, fluid and dry good fillers
  • Positioning parts on welders
  • Drill press alignments
  • Pointing
  • Positioning
  • Aligning
  • Site layout
  • Crosscut and break measurements
  • Slope
  • Conveyors
  • Grade
  • Transit work

Replacement Parts list not available at this time.