Professional Magnetic Protractor/Angle Locator

Professional Magnetic Protractor Angle Locator

Model: 700

Johnson's #700 Angle Finder is extremely easy to use.  Just place the Angle Locator onto any surface and find the angle.  This angle measureing tool includes a magnet on one end for use on ferrous metals and a groove on the other to easily lay over pipe, making that plumbing job to find the right pitch even easier when working alone.  Johnson #700 Angle Finders are lightweight, durable and a very inexpensive alternative to a higher quality Digital Level or Electronic Level.

  • High-Impact molded body
  • Easy-to-read increments read 0-90° in all four quadrants printed on durable acrylic lens
  • Extra-strong, ceramic magnet adheres to ferrous metal surfaces
  • V-Groove edge fits on pipe and conduit
  • Inch and metric graduations
Digital Box Levels with Rotating Display and Glo-View Technology
Protractor - Pitch and Slope Locator

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