Johnson Bubble Level for Android SmartPhones

Johnson Bubble Level for Android SmartPhones

Model: AndroidBubbleLevel

Johnson Bubble Level is a free application for Android phones (i.e., Motorola Droid) with an accelerometer (the chip that allows your phone display to move when its tilted).  The application creates an image of a spirit level bubble vial on the screen of the phone.

  • Works in three orientations:  flat phone (surface level), horizontal phone and vertical phone
  • Calibration feature included
  • Accuracy displayed to tenths
  • Read "level" in various modes:  degrees, percent, inches/foot (fractional & decimal), mm/m
  • Hold feature included
  • Sound feature included
  • Use it to straighten shelves, adjust hanging pictures, or cheat on your golf putts
  • Works with all Google Android operating systems

Scan the barcode with Goggles or  another reader to access the App on your Phone without going to the Market!




Click for additional views:
  • Bubble Level (Horizontal)
  • Bubble Level (Flat, Surface Level)
  • Bubble Level (Vertical)
  • Bubble Level Accuracy Vertical Position
  • Johnson Bubble Level in the Horizontal Position
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How to Download the FREE Application

  • On your Droid (or other Android operating system) phone, open Market
  • Search "level"
  • Scroll down to the "Johnson Bubble Level" application
  • Click "Install"

Johnson Laser Level Technical Specifications

Working Range Angle
Power Supply
Battery Life
Dimension Arm To Arm Length
Working Temperature
Automatic Shut Off
Center Screw Thread
Laser Accuracy
Laser Classification
Laser Wavelength
Maximum Power Output
Working Angle Inclination
Working Range
Accuracy Angle

Johnson's Bubble Level application was created and is supported by ActionXL.

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